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Why culture is so important for both existing businesses and start-ups

Company culture has so many meanings and we often see companies like #EY, #Google and #Apple investing so much in their offices, creating an environment where each and every one dreams to work, with amazing facilities and amazing cafeteria and places where you can do yoga and play video games in your breaks and so on.

But what is, important, when building a culture? Well, the word itself is describing how different #tribes, nations, and families shape the way they do


There is no rocket science that in the same way is applied to companies, according to #GaryVee and I felt it myself in a few workplaces the most important step is to eliminate the toxic people even if they are high performers in the end they are bringing the team down hence the productivity, the happier the employees the better results.

Another important step is to often remember your employees the organisation #mission and the steps taken to progress, what has been done so far and where are we going, in this way they know their work has paid off and will make them feel valued and proud of the team achievements.

Communication that builds #trust between the managers and employees is key when building the culture and vice versa, to get results the communication needs to be flawless, transparency, honesty and humbleness are some of the ingredients to better communication at work, communicating clear and saying what you really want is very powerful, it will help your managers and the other way around to understand how can they shape the business.

And last but nonetheless is #recognition, each and every one of us from doorman to the CEO wants to hear words of appreciation, it is so rewarding to know you did well and you’ve been acknowledged for your service or something we did, it just motivates us to move forward and become better at what we’re doing.

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