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Why you're not happy

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

My friend told me she has been “thrown in the pool of corporate slavery” when asked what she is doing at the moment as working a 9-5 in finance though she can paint and she can play an instrument and left me thinking how many of us are in the same position. Then I remembered the left and right sides of the brain test where the left is analytical and logical and the right side is the emotional and the creative side of the brain.

This, together with a personality test can draw you a picture of what you’re strengths and weaknesses are and what you’re good at, some people love the corporate world and their made to climb the ladder and some prefer the entrepreneurial journey like selling lemonade or coffee at the corner and being their own bosses without having to go through "working for the man" unfortunately sometimes due to circumstances “we gotta’ do what we gotta’ do” to get through to our goals and objectives.

Because classic Management was designed as “one size fits all” to put everyone in the same bucket and expected to perform the same it wasn’t taken into consideration that you have different “inclinations”, you can work better in a team and be less creative and you can work alone and be super creative. Research and creative thinking have discovered better ways of doing things, one example is Agile Manifesto mostly used in software development but also in a wide range of other industries and even in the daily life, my favorite concept is “people over process” where instead of forcing someone to follow the same process you design the process according to employee’ needs.

I read an article in 2012 about making decisions about career are not what we like to do and what kind of life we want to live, back then I was working in Corfu, one of beautiful Greece’s island and that stuck in my mind as I met a bunch of interesting people who managed to find a ways to work and live the summer island mindset, while it looks like a dream for many that are manageable and 2020 has brought amazing opportunities through internet.

There are many factors that will dictate what your “thing” is and how you want to spend your life, I was chatting with one of my colleagues about mental health diseases, did you know that in 2020 has been discovered more than 380 mental health diseases, your past experiences or early childhood can have an impact in deciding your abilities to integrate and to make decisions, can you imagine having a mental health issue you never thought is possible to have.

So, do me a favor, keep searching within, do whatever makes you fulfilled, achieved or happy and more important we need to take risks without being hard on ourselves, be responsible and do what makes you happy, even if that means selling lemonade at the street corner. I would also love to hear some of your opinions on these thoughts.

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